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Microsoft Tips
With Windows 10 + Office 365, you have the tools to work the way you want using your keyboard, pen, or touch to quickly and easily capture your thoughts and ideas onscreen.
A person with a computer creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Make your point more powerful
PowerPoint + Windows 10 makes reviewing, delivering, and creating presentations easier and more intuitive than ever before. Find out how with these helpful tips.
Make a statement, leave your mark
Write, create, and draw in new ways using your touch or digital pen.1
Screenshot of Pen being used on OneNote with a play button in the center of the image.
Jot notes and ideas directly on your screen with OneNote.
Draw on PowerPoint slides to create one-of-a-kind presentations.
Screenshot of a video showing off the capabilities of using touch or Pen with PowerPoint.
Screenshot of Microsoft Word with various notes scribed onscreen.
Write, annotate, illustrate, and edit your Word docs with ease.
A person with a computer in their lap uses Word and Resume Assistant to draft their resume.
Reinvent your resume
Use Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word and inspiration from LinkedIn to create a resume that's as informative as it is stylish.2
Tools for learning
A screenshot of Bing Visual Search being used to search for a winter jacket on a cellphone.
See something you like? Just take a pic and use Bing Visual Search to learn more about it.
A close up shot of a child's eyes as he wears prescription glasses and looks at a computer screen.
Improve reading and writing skills, regardless of age or ability, with Microsoft Learning Tools.
Get what you need from Microsoft Store
New devices, games, apps, software and more—Microsoft Store has great deals, all in one place.3
A PC on a white background surrounded by stylized sketches of school-related icons and imagery.
White and yellow text on grey background that reads You'll find the best deals around at the Microsoft Store.³
A hand holding Pen draws a multi-colored line on a computer screen.
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National Football League

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